Day by day Adobe is working hard to bring the best sản phẩm for users. Lượt thích any other Adobe product, Adobe media Encoder is also getting better & better. Here you can tải về Adobe truyền thông media Encoder CC 2018 for free by the direct links.

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Adobe truyền thông media Encoder CC 2018

Adobe truyền thông Encoder is one of the most convenient tools that provide video clip outputs. Any video clip with high or low resolution can be encoded here.

For Adobe truyền thông media Encoder the form size or unique of the đoạn phim doesn’t matter as the application is powerful enough lớn encode any truyền thông file.

Adobe truyền thông media Encoder CC 2018 is the successor of Adobe truyền thông Encoder CC 2017 and is the predecessor of Adobe media Encoder CC 2019.

The application has all the tools need for encoding such as set of profiles, an easy interface, perfect environment with a number of productive tools.

While encoding truyền thông files on your application you will realize who effective this application really is. Any platform that you see in day lớn day life like; TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, phones, theaters… all of them are supported by Adobe truyền thông media Encoder 2018.

Users can mix the bitrate encoding from minimum khổng lồ maximum or vice versa without breaking a sweat. There is also the “Advanced Settings” feature that is used lớn set the keyframe of a media file.

Other features such as rendering quality, frame blending, and many more are also available. All the features like basic settings like changing resolutions, frame rate, filed an order, changing aspects, changing profile or cấp độ are present in truyền thông media Encoder CC 2018.

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We stated at the start about the efficiency of the application. There is a reason behind it, as the application has an effortless integration between Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects.

This means that you can drag any project from After Effect or Premiere Pro và make it suitable for all platforms available.

Adobe truyền thông media Encoder CC 2018 không tính phí Download

Adobe media Encoder CC 2018
The application has an easy và familiar interface.Media Browser Panel lớn browser truyền thông media files with ease. A wide range of formats is supported by the app.MXF (Material Exchange Format) is supported.DNxHD is also supported.Format tư vấn for RF64 WAV Decode / Encode, decode for Sony X- OCN, & QuickTime DNx Smart Rendering.The application now also has IRT compliance.JPEG 200 MXF tư vấn is also supported by the app.Greate improvements in tư vấn for extensions are made. Users can easily use third-party extensions on their media Encoder without breaking a sweat.Users have the HDR khổng lồ SDR conversion filter feature.Adobe Encoder 2018 is highly 64-bit optimized which means that it runway to efficient on 64-bit systems. However, there is a drawback too. As it is 64-bit optimized, so it is not supported by a 32-bit system.Thanks to lớn the improved Adobe Acrobat Engine, now the application can work even faster và do heavy works.Great integration between Adobe Audition và Adobe Character Animator is made.If you are having a number of projects at a time or your project is quite big & needs to bởi things one by one then the Queue feature will help you. Using the Queue feature, users can put truyền thông files in order which can be accessed later…Here you can perform Ingest & Transcoding functions too.The image sequence workflows have also been improved.Even audio files are editable now. You can use the tự động Loudness Correction feature lớn fix the audio of your truyền thông file.Optical flow time remapping is a feature used khổng lồ make a smoother experience by fixing frame rate or avoiding broken frames.Time Interpolation setting.Time Tuner for automatically adjusting the duration of rendered projects.Dolby Digital và Dolby Digital Plus tư vấn for 5.1 và 7.1 surrounded sound.QuickTime Rewrapping- for QuickTime Channelization và feature using.ProRes libraries for improved performance.Major improvements for publishing your project on social truyền thông media are made. Users can publish their truyền thông media files directly lớn Facebook, YouTube, & VIMEO.There are even options to lớn customize titles và to customize video thumbnails too.H.264 adaptive bitrate presets, tự động hóa best bitrate for đầu ra based frame rate, improved list…Improved Time Tuner.Almost all kích cỡ media files are supported by the app. From 144p lớn 4K videos are supported by the application.Using the application users can encode any truyền thông file for both mainstream media’s (TV) standards and social media.Users can export GIF formats using the application on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Install Adobe media Encoder 2018

The installation is quite easy. So, here is how lớn install Adobe truyền thông Encoder CC 2018 on your Windows 10.

You will need to download the file & unzip it. Lớn unzip the file, you will need third-party applications lượt thích WinRAR.Then you will need lớn install the application.Don’t run the application before applying the patch. Copy and run the patch as admin.Now, click on the patch and activate your app.Run the application and enjoy.

Is there any portable version of Adobe truyền thông media Encoder 2018?

Adobe truyền thông Encoder is one of the most used encoders by many. Lượt thích any other Adobe product, is there any portable version of Adobe truyền thông media Encoder CC 2018 for users?

Well, there is both a full and portable version of Adobe truyền thông media Encoder 2018. Users can use the portable version as it lights weighted with the option to be used on almost any system.

Click on the direct liên kết given to download Adobe truyền thông media Encoder CC 2018 portable in the standalone offline installer for free.