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Bạn đang xem: Hướng dẫn tạo vray physical camera in 3d max 2016


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With the more recent versions of the Chaos Group"s V-Ray renderer (3.xx và V-Ray Next) & 3ds Max (2016-present), theVRayPhysicalCamera is "hidden" & not selectable via standard Camera UI commands. This mainly stems from Chaos Group making the V-Ray render engine compatible with the3ds Max Physical Camera lớn render V-Ray scenes.


There are several ways lớn create aVRayPhysicalCamerain newer versions of 3ds Max. Both involve using MAXScript or a pre-created MAXScripttool. METHOD #1: Using MAXScript in the MAXScript Listener Go lớn theScripting >MAXScript Listener In the Listener, paste the following text:vrayCreateVRayPhysicalCamera() Press Enter. A VRayPhysicalCamera should be created at the Origin (0,0,0) the next time you click into the Viewport. In addition, thiscan be confirmed in the MAXScript Listener via the blue textproviding the camera"s creation coordinates.
METHOD #2: Using the"Quick V-Ray Camera" Tool This is a pre-createdMAXScript tool for public use in newer versions of 3ds Max, so that a physicalinterface can be accessed for the VRayPhysicalCamera. download the attachment "quickvraycamera.rar". Unzip the file & place it in yourC:Program Filesholywar.vn3ds Max 2018scriptsfolder (or any preferred folder). Drag và drop the file into the 3ds Max Viewport. A "Quick VRayPhysicalCamera" dialog window will appear. --Instructions on creating a Macro Button can be found on the ScriptSpot webpage links above. From here you can "Create" a camera at the Origin or "Align" it accordingly.The availability khổng lồ usethe Move and Rotate tools remain the same inside of 3ds Max for the camera.Note: Camera creation happens once you clickinto the Viewport.